Water Jet Services

If you can dream it, we can cut it!

A waterjet is a large CNC (computer numerical control) machine that cuts with a mixture of high pressure water and garnet abrasive.

It’s cutting head moves along an X, Y and Z axis to cut anything from a simple circle to a complex inlay design.

Our waterjet bed is 24x48” and can cut up to 4 sheets of Bullseye’s clear 3mm Tekta at a time, making it great for creating mutliples of a single shape!

$200 minimum per order, including cost of glass. Orders can range from $250 - $600+; Minimum of 2 weeks for turn around.

How do I order?

Come up with your idea!

A clean line drawing is perfect. Need help? Just ask!
Are you design savvy? Create a vector file of your shapes (.ai, .pdf or .dxf even better!)
If you don’t know what that means, no problem, we’ll take care of that for you.

Email Lauryn!
Lauryn is our Lead waterjet technician and will complete your order from start to finish.
Send her an email, and she will work with you to find the best solution for your ideas.


Choose your Glass!
Buy Bullseye Glass from our back room, or supply your own.
If using your own material know that breakage can occur.

We can also cut more than just glass! Though we specialize in glass the waterjet can cut just about anything, including steel, tile, and more.