Community Projects

Bring your community together with GLASS.

Brazee has worked with thousands of children across Cincinnati and beyond to create site specific glass installations and projects. From eight students to eight hundred, we will work with you to design and execute a project perfect for your unique community.

We believe that glass can bring people together. Our projects are a great way to engage your students and create a collaborative art piece the whole community can be proud of. These projects can be aimed to unify a school or rally around an educational topic. We love to dream up new project models to best suit your classroom or curriculum. Lets brainstorm the right collaborative project for your group.

Timeless and precious, glass is above all Permanence. The affect on a child of creating a personal and lasting mark in the world will resonate for a lifetime. A community art project in glass bonds the child and family to place and to a sense of empowerment. This is the greatest gift: the one that reflects magically back into the child’s future. Brazee’s projects do just this.

-Lani McGregor
Director, Bullseye Projects
Partner, Bullseye Glass Co.


Pricing varies for collaborative projects or school installations.
Contact Leah Busch Rockel at,
or call (513) 321-0206 to get started planning today.






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